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McBrayer Family Health


Welcome to chiropractic care, the way it should be!

Our #1 priority at McBrayer Family Health is total patient satisfaction...I will give you more of my time, I will give you more care, and I will do it at an affordable rate.  You are our future!


Located in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado, we specialize in natural healthcare and provide safe, effective solutions to your pain/injuries without the use of surgery or drugs. Our patients, ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, present with acute and/or chronic aches/pains as well as injuries resulting from auto, work, or sporting accidents.

Finding a doctor who actually understands, listens, and tailor fits a treatment plan (without pressure) to each individual can be a daunting task. We understand that at McBrayer Family Health, that's why we seek your goals and your expectations and use those to meet the highest degree of care and improve your quality of life.  Here at McBrayer Family Health, we make it a point that our patients aren't pressured and that they often pay less for better care, while providing far more time with each patient individually. It's chiropractic care the way it should be!  It's my philosophy that a patient should be able to receive the care they need now, rather than only be able to come in once or not at all when seeing other providers!

We hope you explore our website and find it to be helpful in learning about the care you receive here, and please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, we are dedicated to you and to making your experience here a great one! 



Dr. Scott McBrayer, DC, CCSP, EMT


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