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McBrayer Family Health


Auto Accidents

An office dedicated to superior patient care
and expert medical analysis

Following an auto accident of any kind, it's important to take the necessary steps and precautions for your best interest and health. At times, that obviously involves the hospital and medical doctors because they are vital for some situations. However, if you're only seeking an examination or treatment for "aches/pains", you will undoubtably receive a prescription for muscle relaxants and pain medication only. Here at McBrayer Family Health we are trained to look behond the superficial into the mechanism of injury and the source of your pain.

You've been in an auto accident and maybe you're in pain, maybe you're not yet, but you're confused and don't know what to do or where to get ALL your answers. Granted, no 2 cases are identical but heres briefly what we do for every new auto case in our office.

First thing we do is offer you a FREE consultation, then we approach every claim as potentially being challenged by an insurance adjuster or defense team. Believe it or not, Insurance companies are not always eager to pay for your injuries and medical bills. Following your free consultation, should we accept your case, we offer you these beneficial services:

Thorough case history and physical exam

- complete exam with full description of the accident and injuries

- documentation, documentation, documentation. Detailed documentation provides basis for re-imbursement of your medical bills and accurate determination of any injuries.

- Accurate Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) ranking injury severity

- Document individual diagnosis's with specific prognosis

- Fully documented, easy to understand patient narratives and interim evaluations.

- Customized treatment plans to you, the individual.

Per visit care

- 1/1 care with Dr. McBrayer every visit

- electrical muscle stimulation

- heat/ice therapy

- neuromuscular vibration

- gentle chiropractic care

- certified massage therapy care

- physical therapy referrals (if needed)

- MD and orthopedic surgeon referrals (if needed)

Helping Hands Electronic Solutions and Supplies

Local Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplies provided to our patients in need. These generally include

- TENS units

- interferrential units

- reusable self adhesive electrodes

- anelgesic gels

Attorney referrals

We understand that not every case requires an attorney's involvement or litigation, in fact a majority don't. In reality, there are some circumstances that could require the services of a trained personal injury attorney. These include, but are not limited to:

- bodily injury settlement

- insurance harassment

- denial of medical bills

- loss of wages

- disability

We never encourage our patients to involve an attorney unnecessarily. If their services are requested however, we work closely with a few local attorneys and can refer you to the one of your choice.

Auto laws

Laws pertaining to auto insurance are routinely up for potential change. New laws regarding medical benefits on your policy just changed Jan 1, 2009. If you have questions regarding these laws or your policy benefits, we can assist you.


A majority of the time there is insurance coverage, depending on the individual policy's of all involved. For those cases that don't immediately re-imburse, we do accept liens if applicable. What this means for you is, you don't pay while we await payment from the insurance carrier.

We have a certified, highly trained billing specialist that will enter, submit, follow up, and collect so you avoid the hassle of this tedious process as well.