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Auto Accidents


Specializing in auto accident injuries

- 1998 Bachelors degree from Missouri Western State University
- 2002 Bachelors degree of Human Anatomy from Cleveland Chiropractic College
- 2002 Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College
- 6 years and over 120+ cases of experience involving successful auto related injuries.

I specialize in musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries...the most common and debilitating injuries often seen following motor vehicle collisions. I have a thorough understanding of the human body, its optimal function, and how these things can be altered in even the most subtle of collisions. You do NOT have to have a high speed collision to sustain significant injuries.

As a doctor specializing in my field, I have a superior education and often meet/exceed medical school education in the fields of physiology, neurology, orthopedics, and radiology.

Treating any patient who's sustained injury's, it's my job to get them out of pain and back to pre-accident status as quickly as possible. I can assure you, I do my job well and I am here for your best interest!

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